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“Creativity and Vision”

“We have been living for the last 3 years on a 1.5ha lifestyle property which was previously farmland.  We have a dream to see it completely developed into a garden with seasonally changing trees, grasses on the hilly land and flowering plants around our house.  The planting should also be low maintenance, as we are not able to spend a lot of time on the land.  Also to be considered are the variations in the land contour, the soil types, the sizes of the trees in maturity and the requirements of sunlight and shade for each tree and plant.  Developing this land from scratch while taking into account these various elements was far beyond our capacity.

In order to realise our dream, we investigated through the local paper and found Julian Peach, South Pacific Landscapes Ltd.  He has been working for us for about 2 years on and off.  His creativity and vision,  knowledge of plants and trees, their maintenance, and sourcing whatever materials he needs for the purpose is outstanding.  He aims for mainly large projects, but whenever we need him for a small task, he will come around to do it.  We have never been disappointed with his work and cost.  We admire his business acumen in communication with his clients and understanding of our needs.  His manner when dealing with us is very disciplined and courteous.

We do not hesitate to recommend Julian of South Pacific Landscapes Ltd to anybody and we take this opportunity to thank you, Julian for your dedicated work for us”.

Kind regards


“Simple yet nice.  Perfect”

“Thanks so much for the work you’ve done while I was away.  “ Love “ the courtyard, the stones in the pots, the huge big Bird of Paradise,… and the little corner garden – it really has come together and looks simple yet nice.  Perfect”!

Carol M

“Approachable and responsive to our needs”

“We found Julian Peach of South Pacific Landscapes highly knowledgeable about what would be appropriate planting for our conditions and how to carry out the hard landscaping.

Julian knows what will work and won’t work and was gracious in his advice.  Julian himself was very approachable and responsive to our needs.  He listens well and has strong interpersonal skills.

We appreciated the tidiness of his work site.  He has high standards of himself and his team. We would unreservedly recommend South Pacific Landscapes to anyone who wanted to develop their residential garden to a high standard’.

Cheers – Fred and Lynne